Landscape and Portrait display modes (for MKT-View III/IV)

Using the display in 'landscape' mode

The 'landscape' mode is the default. The device (MKT-View II,III,IV) automatically reconfigures itself when an application is loaded which was designed for a display with larger horizontal than vertical resolution.

'Landscape' demo application (source: programs/MKTview4/MV4_Demo.cvt)
loaded into an MKT-View IV with 800 * 480 pixels. Click on image to magnify.
Note the main connector (here: 'Lemo') on the right side of the device.

Since there is only one 'landscape' mode (unlike the two flavours of 'portrait' mode explained below), there is no configuration for this display mode in the device's own setup menu.
At the time of this writing (2015-04-29), there were no plans for a landscape mode with the display mounted 'upside down' (to have the main connector on the left side).

Setting up the display for 'portrait' modes

In a few devices with older ARM CPU (like MKT-View II), and in all newer devices with Cortex-M3/M4-CPU (like MKT-View III/IV), the display can be mounted in two different ways for portrait mode:


Note that BOTH of the above screenshots were taken with the same demo application loaded into the device (programs/MKTview4/MV4_Portrait.cvt, contained in the installer). The decision if the CPU (or graphic controller) rotates the framebuffer by 90 or 270 depends on the device's configuration in the 'Setup / System' menu. In the MKT-View III and IV, the setup item can be reached this way:

  1. Invoke the 'System / Setup' menu by simultaneously pressing the 2nd and 3rd function key (near the rotary button)
  2. Select 'System Setup / Unlock' (via rotary encoder, PRESS it to enter the selected item)
  3. Select 'Display Setup'
  4. Navigate to 'Portr.Rotate' (short for 'Portrait Mode Rotation')

  5. Press the rotary encoder knob (replaces the ENTER key, to start editing the setting)
  6. For the MKT-View III / IV, select 'CLOCKWISE' if the LEMO connector shall be on the lower side of the mounted device;
    For the MKT-View III / IV, select 'COUNTERcw' (short for 'counter clockwise') if the LEMO connector shall be on the upper side of the mounted device.
  7. Press the rotary encoder again to switch back from 'edit' to 'navigate'
  8. Navigate up to 'Save and Exit', and press the encoder button again.
    This will permanently store the modified setting in the device's EEPROM.

See also: Device Selection and LCD Settings in the programming tool.

Last modified: 2015-04-29 (ISO8601)